Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In terms of a Tim Hortons in Abu Dhabi: Be patient, my little Canucks

As a commenter, Palestine, pointed out to me today, it is June 1 and no Tim Hortons. When it was originally reported this little shindig was due to take up a sweet, sweet residence inside Mushrif Mall, it was supposed to open on April 5.

I don't know whether you've driven past Mushrif Mall lately, but that thing does not look even close to opening. Someone told me it was going to be another six months. That really bums me out a) because that means no Tim Hortons in Abu Dhabi in the foreseeable future and b) because I was totally looking forward to using that mall as a time-killing mechanism this summer.

I can tell you that a Canadian who has just arrived to work in Abu Dhabi saw mention that a Tim Hortons would be opening in Mushrif Mall, if indeed that mall every freaking opens, when he was sorting out documents at the UAE embassy in Ottawa.

So, a couple more months yet I think. That means my next Tim Hortons coffee will be much like my last one, I assume. Purchased in Pearson International Airport.

But I still believe.

And now I give you the image, borrowed with permission by the Canadian Business Council in their newsletter outlining the fabulous UAE-Tim Hortons news. 

Summer 2009. My hand, my Tim Hortons.


mezba said...

Maybe they didn't get landing rights in UAE ...

Anonymous said...

saw a Tim Hortons sign in Mushrif : ) looks like it's still under construction : (

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