Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stanley Cup Game 7: Who is staying/getting up to watch the finals?

Okay, probably not me. I haven't watched any of the games as I am not that interested in either of the teams and 4am is tooooo early (or late). When it comes to hockey these days, I get my news from Facebook.

But I know of some serious hockey fans who have been getting up faithfully in recent weeks. I just had to share the (awesome) last invite on the issue:

Game 7. Stanley Cup Finals. Boston vs. Vancouver.
All the marbles, the whole shebang, winner take all, sudden-death, eat or be eaten, fight or flight, stamp-stamp-no-erasies.
4 a.m.
French toast and bacon will be served along with your choice of beer or beer.
Invite whomever. Heck, a strange French chef from the Shangri-La showed up at the last game with a Habs jersey.

All no-shows will be reported to the Canadian embassy.

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