Friday, June 17, 2011

Like eating out? Know how to write? The Mystery Dining Company wants you

I was contacted by a rep from the company this week, who said they are expanding in Abu Dhabi and very much need new mystery diners.

And since I will take any excuse to reminisce about my years in the service industry, now is a good time to tell you I once had a mystery diner, years ago when I was a waitress at The Keg in Hamilton, On. I scored 100%. I think I won a bottle of Baileys. I am quite sure they got me on a good day, because as a server I was quite messy and often distracted. I hated offering the special or describing the marbling of the meat or offering extra things I was sure the customer did not want – things good servers are expected to do – as well as any customer who didn't look up from their menu when barking their drink order. I also developed an appreciation for the true meaning of words that has served me well in journalism: rarely is food "stone cold", although it is often described that way. Yet to this day I've not had more fun on a job. I have also overtipped and been extra-nice to service staff ever since hanging up my apron. That's one hard job people. There is no way I could be the multi-tasker I am today if I hadn't learned to keep a cool head juggling eight hungry tables while dealing with a grumpy cook. Those were the days...

Visit The Mystery Dining Company's website to apply.

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