Friday, June 17, 2011

Bloomsbury's: Anyone else excited?

You may have noticed this Baking Soon boarding up in Al Wahda Mall, just behind the Etisalat counter. I sure did. Then the good people from Bea's gave me a pssst on Twitter and got me very excited about the opening of their little shindig. Check out some pics of upcoming assorted deliciousness. I am on a cleanse right now (no sugar, wheat, dairy, red meat or alcohol boooo) but I am hoping the opening coincides with the end of it.

What this means: no longer must one make a trek to Sugar Daddy's on the Corniche every time they covet a cupcake. And probably more cleanses in my future.

PS My friend Helen has a hatred of cupcakes (fairy cakes in British) that I find difficult to understand. Perhaps I shall bring her a half-dozen to celebrate.

UPDATE: I am a little behind the times - for once I had an Al Wahda Mall-less weekend. The owners tell me they are doing a soft opening, with the official launch on Thursday. It's closed Sunday though. I want reports. And recommendations.


Leah Oberjuerge said...

didn't succomb, but they looked absolutely delicious!

I Live in a Frying Pan said...

Hi there! Just saw this post and saw your shout out for reactions. I visited Bloomsbury's a few days how they've set it up, doesn't feel like you're in a mall when you walk into their cozy huge kiosk.

On the cupcake front, my fav was strangely a diabetic cupcake! It was the carrot cupcake with cream cheese, made with agave nectar. Not too sweet, moist, fruity with raisins...I've done a blog post about my visit (actually it's more like photos from the visit & ramblings about my cupcake standards) at

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