Friday, June 17, 2011

Remember when Snoop Dogg donned a khandoura at his Abu Dhabi concert? Turns out not everyone was a fan of that

Ali Al Saloom, cultural adviser and author of the Ask Ali column in The National's weekend M Magazine, waits more than a month to tell us how he really feels about the situation in How a Rapper Insulted Our Country:

"The khandoura is deeply rooted in our culture, values and religion. It is a respected form of self-expression," writes Ali. "However, what Snoop Dogg did was come to our country, perform on stage and utter foul-mouthed profanities. How can he come here and rap about guns, b*tches, sex, drugs and alcohol while wearing a khandoura?"

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Anonymous said...

Bloody hell. Who cares about "insulting" the so called cultural aspect of the khandoura. I'm an Emirati, and I've witnessed many Emirati's bringing the so called "shame and insult" to the Khandoura by drinking while wearing that attire, urinating in public (yes I've seen that)by an Emirati nonetheless. Its just a goddamn dress. God forbid I walk into a bar with an abaya and order a pint of beer. Ali Al Saloom should erm.. I can't think of a better way to say this but he needs to take that stick out of his arse and relax.

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