Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Diamonds do not belong in maxi-pads

Have you seen these ads for "Always Diamond?"

First of all, as a woman, I can tell you that I want nothing like a diamond, nothing sharp, really, in that area. Plus, this idea is ludicrous.

 It smacks of a cheap, dumb, desperate ploy to appeal to the UAE's tiresome yet stubborn "VVIP" sensibilities. I am sick of it. This is worse than those US$2,600 water bottles. And that Swarovski-crystal encrusted air purifier. And that was preeeeeety sillly. If I hear the word "bling" one more time...

Obviously me and Hilda Khalife, who Wikipedia tells me is "one of the most recognised personalities on Arab television", and who has endorsed this product by lending her signature to the ads, differ in opinion on this matter.

I am also open to someone who can argue for these maxi-pads. Perhaps I am being too judgmental. You know, losing out on an ultra-luxe, life-changing maxi-pad experience by being cynical and not embracing the notion that microscopic diamond fragments might be an enhancer to the monthly grind, not a blatant fabrication. If so, I am alllllll ears. 


Abid said...

saw this all over pharmacies in Saudia.

Anonymous said...

It is available even in Kuwait!

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