Friday, August 1, 2008

The hotel staff most definitely have formed opinions about me

Having never lived with a doorman, and having been without roommates since I was in my 20s, I am not really used to people knowing about my daily movements. For example, it used to be if I wanted to stay in my pjs all day, I could and no one would be the wiser. Now that I call a hotel home, when I emerge in the late afternoon, it's like they know how lazy I have been.

I already wrote about the slipping-on-the-water-and-scoring-my-toe debacle. A couple of days later, my toe still bandaged, I tripped up the walkway to the hotel, in full view of the front deskers. For the next couple of days Jemma would say "careful, ma'am" as I left for the day.

The other night I came home late - but not as late as I have come home before, because the morning call to prayer had not rung yet and that is when I know it's too late, even for me - I walked past the two gentlemen and said (what I thought was) a kindly "Good night." As the elevator doors closed behind me, I could swear I heard one of them (somewhat snarkily, I might add) "Morning".

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Melanie said...

We live in a fancy high rise that has five times the necessary staff to spy on me, or at least thats what I've been paranoid to think. I was actually relieved when we switched from daily maid service to weekly because I was convinced the maids were plotting when best to enter my flat in order to catch me looking my most slovenly.

Now all I dread is the charming girl in charge of making sure tenants sign in to use the gym. She's always more than happy to analyze the attractiveness of each body part of mine completely unsolicited. I want to stay away when I'm retaining water...

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