Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The handyman's flipflops

I got my hair cut today and the stylist, an "Essex girl" (that means something if you are from the UK, apparently) named Kylie told me the most hysterical story.

The shower in her flat was leaking all over, so she asked her building's handyman to fix it. He is an Indian handyman, and I only point that out by force of new habit, as everyone points out everyone's nationalities over here.

She came home to find the handyman's shoes outside her door, and inside the bathroom, a shower that had been completely ripped apart, and the handyman, wearing a brand new pair of white Billabong flipflops she had just bought.

They were no longer white, covered in dust and dirt and bits of wet concrete.

"You are wearing my shoes!" she exclaimed.

"I will clean," he said. "I will clean!"

"But people don't wear each other's shoes, where I come from," she replied.


Abid said...

Lol...Canadian reader here too!

I like your blog..Will read daily from now on.

Alexander said...

I once caught my landlord's handyman about to cut a large single-core copper cable with one of my highly prized Sabatier knives.

The landlord couldn't work out why I had such a problem. "These cost Dhs150 and more!" I told him.

"Shou," he replied. "They're Dhs10 at the souk!"

adevents said...

"Essex girl" is = Dumb blonde ??

sea life said...

LOL, I like your blog so much :)

rosh said...

haha! Wallah our maid always used her footwear. Mom made sure, the maid had all kinds of footwear :)

BTW, am not sure why the handyman wore your friend's shoes//slippers? It's not the norm eh?

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