Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who says there is no internet dating in the UAE?

Many of the most popular internet dating sites in the UAE are blocked. Well, actually, I only know of one - Lavalife - and I checked, and it's blocked. But people tell me the rest of them are too. Which is sort of crappy because if there was any time in my life I wouldn't mind meeting new people, this would be it.

Anyhoo, people obviously find ways to do things they can't do. Because ever since I joined the United Arab Emirates network on Facebook, I have been receiving the most hilarious messages. Like this one, from a person who calls himself "Hummer Strength":

"Do you accept new naughty friend in Abu Dhabi?"

Hummer Strength, by the way, has a poster of that Meg Ryan-Andy Garcia movie, When a Man Loves a Woman, as his profile picture. I also see also that he recently joined the group "sexy guys and girls allova!"

Then, something of a love letter.

"When you see some one bay chance ann . and you liked the way he look what you should do. Am not a greedy am not a crazy am not losing my mind. am just some one some where a life in this life he could not walk a way when he sow all that butte and just go a way with out say any thing. In the same time I look for some words I did not find any thing good enough to be send to you. All what I want to say. You are a lot mordant what words can mean and say……."

I wish other men would notice my "butte".

And then this one, from my blog to my email account:



Hey, I am not knocking the attention. Just giggling a little, that's all.


a question of a question said...

so do you or do you not
accept new naughty friend in Abu Dhabi? . . . . ;)

Anonymous said...

thay's true ...there is no dating sites in UAE all of them are blocked... in this country you can be arrested if you'll try to speak to a girl if she don't like you or even for fun she can call the'll be located in jail for 3-6 monthes then deported.
here i am trying for one year, to make some friends though the net but no way...(you can find prostitutes in all hotels this is normal, but dating sites that's not allowed)what a stupied laws????

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