Friday, August 1, 2008

"Change the way you see the world": it's more than just a slogan

It seems like every day I hear an announcement about Etihad Airways adding destinations, so I was surprised to find out there is no Abu Dhabi-Athens route. That's okay, I am sure there will be one by the time I book my next vacation. Beijing, Toronto, Dublin, Addis Ababa, Minsk, in Belarus - there are very few destinations one cannot fly directly to from Abu Dhabi. It's turning into a bit of a geography lesson, these added routes. I am embarrassed to say I have to check an atlas half the time when I hear about them. Just the other day I saw a newspaper ad: "Chennai and Kozhikode, non-stop from AED 1,050". Huh? Oh, they're in India. Thiruvananthapuram? India also. Up next? Moscow and Almaty. There I go with my atlas again. That last one is in Kazakh. Cool.

Kind of neat for an airline that did not even exist five years ago, one that I had not even heard of until I received my company-issued e-ticket to come here in late March.

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