Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is how I got to work today

It is only hours to Ramadan, or so the moon says, and the mood in Abu Dhabi is palatable. It is also crazy busy, as everyone dashes about making their preparations for the holy month.

That meant I couldn't get a cab this morning. Just as I was about to panic, a van carrying a bunch of workers home for their afternoon break pulled over. The driver motioned me inside. I had already passed another driver up on his offer. It was blazingly hot and I was getting pretty late for work. Why not? I thought.

I hopped inside and sat in a seat facing backward, looking on the bunch of tired, hot and extremely amused souls you see here. They were cracking up at me most of the time. The driver said he had to stop and pick up a couple of more workers at another site, and when they weren't ready, he drove me to work and dropped me off at the front door!

I offered him money, but he wouldn't take any.


Trish said...

You are such a riot Annie. What did they think of you taking their photo?!

Ann Marie said...

they were totally laughing at me

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