Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Winter" in the UAE

Yes, brrrr, it's a chilly willy 24 degrees Celsius out there right now.

And though I am being sarcastic, I have to say living here for almost 2 years has changed my definition of the word "chilly". As in I am about to head out to see a movie this evening and have already donned Uggs and a hoodie for the occasion. It's a little embarrassing, actually; but any excuse to be cosy, I find.

Anyway, since it's "winter" – the kind where you can sunbathe in a bikini all day – all the malls and shops are featuring winter clothing sales and promotions featuring snowflakes and fur and fleece. Here is the one for Abu Dhabi Mall, and by frosty I think they must only be referring to the air conditioning they continue to use.

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Vivek Ravindran said...

I am in New York...freezing to death.. 24 degrees celsius.. is summer in US

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