Thursday, January 21, 2010

Abu Dhabi living tip, #1

The best massages in the city are neither expensive or hard to get; nor are they at the poshest spa. Phone up the Beach Rotana and ask for the Beachline Club. Not Zen the spa. Beachline Club. The one by the gym and the pool. When you get through, ask for a massage with Nina or Jackie. Not only are both of them masters of their craft (it's like the most relaxing massage you ever had, but the knots and aches are worked out too) they are absolute delights. Their rooms are lovely, tiny havens. Massages there are Dh210 for non-members, a price you can't beat, and either Nina or Jackie always works on Friday.

You will thank me for the experience. In advance, you are welcome.

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Unknown said...

Thanks! I am also a Canadian who recently moved here, to Abu Dhabi. Your tips are quite helpful!

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