Sunday, January 10, 2010

A rare peek inside a human trafficking ring; for women brought from Morocco to Abu Dhabi, hope for a better life quickly turned into a horror show

I remember how excited I was to get a job in Abu Dhabi; sure, it seemed strange, accepting a position that was offered sight unseen, based only on phone calls and emails. The difference is, no one asked me for money up front, the man who picked me up at the airport was an actual driver charged with dropping me off at a hotel, and the next day I continued on with the life I had been expecting.

We see these women all the time, the ones who have been duped, sitting at the bar in 5-star hotel bars (or the seedier ones we like to frequent), sipping a beer, talking among themselves, waiting. An astonishing case winding its way through Abu Dhabi courts provides startling details about what happens to some of them, when all does not go according to plan.

Trial Shows the Vicious World of Human Trafficking

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