Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today in Big Love-style marriage news from Oman

In a story out of Muscat, the rate of divorce in Oman has dropped, which may be good news to all but the women involved: apparently the drop is because men are increasingly taken a second, younger wife as a way of keeping things together.

Some marriage counsellors, such as Safiya Suleiman, have little sympathy for the originals:

"In my opinion, women have only themselves to blame for letting themselves go. They need to look after themselves and stay attractive."

This whole thing seems weird to us, from the West, because of course no one is allowed to marry more than one person there. People do, however, have loads of affairs the minute things get a little "stale". It's not polygamy, sure, but I'm just saying.

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mezba said...

Of course if one does let oneself go... it WILL hamper the marriage, however having seen older Arab men (particularly those that are taking a second wife) they are in position to complain about the wife letting herself go!

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