Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Say what? Things I cannot believe I have read in a newspaper

The National had a story yesterday reporting that Sharjah, one of the seven emirates, has decided to implement a 10-year-old federal law banning people working in low-income or low-skilled professions from applying for driving licenses. So, apparently, if you are a lawyer, you can drive your car. Tailor? Not so lucky.

The really odd thing about this story is one of the professions not allowed to get a license under this law is newspaper distributors. Um, how exactly does a person distribute newspapers without a driving license?

Sharjah Municipality put the law in action late last year to cut congestion on the roads. I might have gone the toll route, but what do I know?

The story goes on to interview a man who was not pleased when, after complaining about not being able to get a license, was told by the counter officer: "if you want a license, go back to school and upgrade for a good profession".

Oh, they also interviewed a driving instructor who was quite pleased with the changes. Before the law, he was exhausted teaching 10 people a day; now he is at an easier pace of four or five.

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Max said...

I'm surprised they did not implement the rule of people with ODD plate numbers to drive their cars Sat,Mon and Wed; while people with EVEN plate numbers to drive their cars on Sun, Tues and Thurs :P

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