Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aimless police officer not really sure why he stopped woman

My friend was driving back to Dubai from Abu Dhabi the other night - very late - when she was pulled over by a police officer. This is her strange tale:

"He didn't really elaborate on what I had done and just loitered there asking me strange questions. Luckily he didn't speak much English. Did I speak Arabic? I just shrugged and said no, sorry. Wasn't I tired? I held up my coffee cup by way of explanation. Was I going to Dubai? Then he took an inordinately long amount of time to examine my licence and my car registration card, while referring to me by my first name.

Then he explained to me I was fine to speed at up to 140km in Abu Dhabi but told me to watch out for cameras in Dubai. (incidentally I wasn't even doing 140)

Finally he sighed and said: 'ok, well...you need to clean your car'."

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Jayne said...

Sounds like he was taking a bit of a chance.......but in this place anything is possible - including the law about having a dirty car!

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