Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's like Pamela Anderson saw a different Abu Dhabi

I am housesitting a villa - and a cat - this week, and with it comes Showtime Arabia, and with that comes E!, which = me wasting a lot of time on crap stuff like Living Lohan and Pam: Girl on the Loose and lots of E! True Hollywood Story. (Funny, even after an hour I don't feel like I really know Vanessa Williams) There is even a show I've watched a couple of times about a Los Angeles tanning shop mini-empire called Sunset Tan. Suprisingly, the tanning business is very high drama.

Back to Pamela Anderson, who can talk like no other person I've known. I just watched for 15 minutes while waiting for a ride, but that short segment had her meeting with a guy named Sheerez, a representative of Abu Dhabi. Anderson was here for a charity 'do at the Emirates Palace last summer, and called the capital "glamorous and sexy and chic", leading me to wonder if she actually ever left the hotel. "You were on the front of all the papers", he told her, which also made me laugh. (There aren't that many papers, you see)

Anyway, it looks from that short, faked interview that Anderson could be joining the ranks of other celebrities and have her name attached to a building here or something. What? It is one thing to imagine people buying a place in a Michael Schumacher building; quite another one endorsed by someone who is famous for starring in Baywatch and an x-rated honeymoon video with Tommy Lee.

Anyway, Sheeraz said "they need you in April", so I guess that's when we can expect her.

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