Monday, February 13, 2012

Dubai Mall: World's biggest shopping centre to grow by 1 million sq ft

Artist rendering of Dubai Mall's expansion

Basically Dubai Mall is far too big already. Now this. Each trip to this expanse, which I make every two months os so, follows the same distinct pattern. I enter, and my heart starts to race. All the shops! All the restaurants! 'I am going to stay here for hours,' I think to myself. 'Maybe I'll cancel my dinner/combat class/random social engagement and just shop til I can't shop anymore.' Like clockwork, within two hours, I begin to tire and my feet to hurt. I have become deprived of oxygen; the mall is filling rapidly, and I am grumpy because I want to get back to that store I saw the thing I liked at, and I can't find my way. At some point, tired and thirsty – it's impossible to buy a simple bottle of water in that joint without it being a big deal – I decide to leave. A mild panic sets it at how far from the exit (and taxis) I am. 'Do I even know how to get there anymore'? I think. Suddenly I am in Express trying on a skirt. It's hot, the lights are bright. Next thing I know, I have bought three cupcakes and am carrying them in a fancy box with a spoon taped to the outside. Now I am looking at pink T-shirts with camels on them. Where is the blasted sign for the taxi???? Then, suddenly, there it is. I am in the hot car park. I am climbing in one. I am on my way to Abu Dhabi, swearing never to return. 

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Andy said...

A British man in Dubai Mall = disaster!

I have recently got back from visiting staying in Abu Dhabi where I stayed in this gorgeous serviced apartment. I kind of wish I got to stay with my parents but on the other hand I had outstanding views and a very good nights sleep.

Have you ever been to Figaro's Pizza in the Marina Mall? Amazing!

We took a trip to the Dubai Mall one day...I lost my mother and then spent a total of 35minutes looking for her again! I will tell you something! Never ever again!

Your blog is a great read but when I saw this, I had to share!

Keep it coming, great stuff :)

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