Sunday, February 19, 2012

Al Hilal Bank claims to offer first drive-through ATM in the Middle East

I've lived here for several years now, and I know to be cautious with these claims. But at the very least, I've never seen a drive-through ATM in the UAE, so I find this press release very exciting. Of course I don't drive here, and I live in Abu Dhabi, not Dubai, but none of that is going to dampen my excitement. Drive through ATMs were and are, in my opinion, kind of cool.

Kudos to the "pioneering" Al Wasl Jumeirah Road branch on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai. If you want to attend the official opening, head on down there tomorrow at 10.30am.

UPDATE: It's not even the first one in Dubai, as SDM points out. Hence my use of the word claims


SDM said...

That can't be right .... I've seen many drive-through ATMs in Dubai, and they've been around for years.

Some examples :

Jad Aoun said...

I believe their PR company was seriously reaching out on this one. No way that they have the first drive-through ATM. If I'm not mistaken, Emirates NBD has one at the gas station on Emirates Road, Abu Dhabi bound right before the Al Ain exit.

Emirates Lebanon Bank in Beirut has a drive-through ATM, according to their website. Unless this is a special drive-through ATM where you get a coffee and doughnut with every withdrawl.

Ann Marie said...

Hence the word "claims"... I've never seen one though, I'd be quite excited if I did!

SDM said...

Haha.. clearly it doesn't take much to get you excited :)

Always enjoy reading your blog, by the way. Keep up the good work!

Ms. ZangaZanga said...

In the Middle East?
Saudi Arabia has one in practically every neighbourhood!


Anonymous said...

there used to be one long a go in one of ADNOC Petrol station IN Salam road but they close the petrol station now and the ATM was NBAD bank

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