Thursday, November 17, 2011

450 Canadian Christmas trees are now heading to the UAE

Relations between the two nations may remain frosty, but there is a ship bearing a refrigerated container with the UAE's name on it, holding with pure Canadian greenery in the form of fresh Balsam fir trees from Nova Scotia, heading this way.

I am of course Canadian and I have a fondness for real Christmas trees, but I have to be a bit of a Scrooge here and ponder the environmental impact of this particular operation. I completely get the sentimental pull here though. I would love to hear from anyone who's decided to get one. Also, it's hard to make a tree last past New Year's Eve when you buy it from a tree lot in mid-December. I have no idea how these trees, arriving on November 30 after what had to be a long and arduous journey, are going to hold up.


Rebecca Taylor said...

Hi there,
I live in Nova Scotia, and I was surprised and very intrigued when I learned about the container load of Christmas trees heading to the UAE, while I was at a meeting last week. I'm so curious how that's going to turn out, and how much those trees are going to cost at your end! So... are you going to succumb to the fragrance of the balsam fir? I might find that hard to resist!
Rebecca Taylor
(owner of Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company)

Ann Marie said...

Hey Rebecca,

Well I am lucky enough to be going home for Christmas this year, so I won't bother. And although the sentimental part of me likes the idea, I have a "bah humbug" reaction too, because I think shipping live trees so far must carry too high of an environmental cost.

Rebecca said...

I know what you mean! I even find it weird to see the trucks rolling down the Trans-Canada loaded up with trees headed for all parts west. We just cut ours down from the wood lot out back!

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