Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michael Bolton brings his (pirate) show to Dubai next week

So if you've caught the television promos for Michael Bolton's show at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai next week, and you are not from North America, you may have thought to yourself "why is he wearing a pirate costume and singing about Johnny Depp"? (And people are: I overheard two editors at work talking about this just yesterday)

Turns out that the footage that is being used to promote the show is from a gag digital short produced this autumn by Andy Samberg's Lonely Island crew for Saturday Night Live. The premise is that a bunch of rappers have hired him to do the soaring hook for their hard-core video, but he only wants to belt it out about Jack Sparrow. Like most of their shorts, it is very stupid and completely hilarious. Please watch.

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Jennifer J said...

I wonder if someone just did a search for his latest hits, and mistakenly included this in the montage since it came up as a recent video.

I've been wondering what was up with the pirate thing.

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