Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dinner at Red Castle: You say Kleenex I say Klenex

I took this photo at my favourite Chinese restaurant in Abu Dhabi, Red Castle, the other night. It's in Abu Dhabi's Chinatown, which is admittedly very little, in the middle of the block between the Madinat Zayed Centre on Muroor and HSBC on Airport. (I recommend the salt-and-pepper shrimp.)

I have two things to say about this photo. The first is that I love that almost every restaurant outside a five-star hotel in the UAE dispenses with napkins and simply places a tissue box on the table.  The other is that it is hilarious how this tissue company is so lethargic about their brand they could not be bothered to think up a proper name for it. Let's hear it for Rolerblades and iPhons.

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Anonymous said...

Ah... i don't pretty like this Red Castle, maybe because the dishonest owner make me feel so--they tried to short charge when we paied their bill... this is not good at all.
Also the food, i have to say it taste worse than normal, i prefer Beijing Restaurant, even the decoration and the hygienic condition is better than red castle.

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