Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's things like this that make the whole "we value women" thing hard to swallow

The Supreme Court has ruled that the blood money that must be paid in the case of death under Sharia Law (and people wonder why I don't drive here) is, for a woman, exactly half of that owed for a man. From The National:

The decision was issued as part of the court’s reasoning for fining an insurance company Dh1 million for the death of a foetus in a 2007 traffic accident. The gender of the foetus was not determined and the courts said the blood money should be equal to that of a woman, Dh100,000. The blood money for a man is Dh200,000.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what ridiculous justification they have for this rule: Why a woman's blood money = 1/2 of a man's !???

Are they saying that women are a "lower class" human beings...this is just stupid and very sad.

Dubai Property said...

Really bad to know about such a gender discrimination but this all can not be affiliated with a religion but it's there all over the world. We see that in West women get less wages than men so no place is an exception from such a gender discrimination.

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