Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Sun Chips bag at the centre of the noise controversy...

...and I concur: it's freaking loud. And an excellent party prop. I wrote about this briefly a couple of weeks ago, when I was in Canada and before I had purchased a bag. Muscato, a commenter in the US, summed it up so brilliantly I shall reproduce what he/she said in its entirety:

"The bag? Unbelievably loud. We had one bag, and one only, of Sun Chips last summer back in the US, and when opened in the kitchen of our rental flat, it woke my partner in the bedroom down a hall and through a closed door.

It was like taking a big sheet of thick cellophane and crinkling it as loudly as possible, in front of a microphone. Whatever supposedly compostable substance they were using, it was the work of the devil. Good riddance."

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