Friday, October 1, 2010

Canadian news is juicy, different from that we see in the UAE

So I have made an impromptu trip back to Canada (2.5 years living overseas makes that statement not seem ludicrous, as the notion of flying for 15 hours both ways for an "impromptu" visit surely would have been before I left for Abu Dhabi) after my other vacation plans fell through and as usual, have been delighted by reading the newspapers.

Yesterday I was shocked to see that the Supreme Court has effectively legalised prostitution here (pending a 30-day stay on the decision issued Tuesday) on the basis that making it illegal endangers sex workers. Wow. This legal battle stretches back more than a decade. I am always amazed and inspired at how dogged some people can be in their beliefs. I can't even commit to getting up early to exercise in the morning so I won't be tempted to skip it later in the evening. A sidenote, one of the three pushing for this is activist Valerie Scott. I interviewed her several times as a reporter about a decade ago at the Ottawa Sun and I have to say, each time I thought to myself "I see your intent but I believe this dream of yours to legalise prostitution is a pipe dream Valerie". Good on you. I happen to think this a progressive decision, not that I'm an advocate of prostitution, but I am an advocate of making sure women feel safer and being realistic about the world's oldest profession. It exists: even in Abu Dhabi. Anyhoo, the Hollywood director James Cameron is also making headlines, in Alberta to advocate for the natives to oil companies and the government over the oil sands issue. He said it reminds him of the beleagured tribe in Avatar. 

And in personally beneficial news, The Globe and Mail reports today that it is best to exercise in the evening, at 6pm, meaning I no longer have to strive even to get up earlier in the morning. 


Anonymous said...

To quote the late great George Carlin; "Selling is legal. @#$%ing is legal. Why isn't selling @#@$ing legal?"

rosh said...

It'd be nice if things weren't so goddamn socialist and liberal. Pay attention to ACTUALLY creating more substantive jobs, the falling infrastructure the school systems in Ontario. Could help so much more in the long haul.

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