So, still in Canada and wondering about a couple of things...

... Frito Lay recalled Sun-Chips biodegradable bags because they were too noisy? How noisy could they have possibly been?

...what does this "I like it on the _____" campaign promoting purse-related innuendo have to do with breast cancer awareness?

...and while I am on the topic, isn't everyone pretty much aware of breast cancer by now? I for one am terrified of it. I could basically not be any more aware of breast cancer if you trussed me up in a big pink bow. So surely we could devote a little less time and attention to awareness and a little more time and attention to curing it?

...I have spent half my time here being shown various apps by friends who are beside themselves with excitment over their new iPhones. So far the ones I remember are "bump", where you can synch your phone with someone else's and iPeriod, where women can track their monthly cycles and predict when they are most fertile. One friend is particularly excited with his "level" app, whipping his phone out at various points to check the level-ness of our table at dinner et cetera.

...have I really become so accustomed to Abu Dhabi heat that I am this cold in a Canadian autumn? Well yes, I guess I have. wireless in all Starbucks? What took so long? And why did you wait 'til I left?


Susan said…
I am so with you one the breast cancer thing. I've been pestered by a whole load of people to get involved and I've said I will not have anything to do with it until they change the name to Breat Health Awareness. What you focus on is what grows and I will not focus on BC for anyone! I feel a major rant coming on lol!!!
Muscato said…
The bag? Unbelievably loud. We had one bag, and one only, of Sun Chips last summer back in the US, and when opened in the kitchen of our rental flat, it woke my partner in the bedroom down a hall and through a closed door.

It was like taking a big sheet of thick cellophane and crinkling it as loudly as possible, in front of a microphone. Whatever supposedly compostable substance they were using, it was the work of the devil. Good riddance.
Trish said…
I guess I am the one person who hates their iphone!
Muscato you crack me up. And yes T-bone, you just might be the ONLY one. :)

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