Monday, August 3, 2009

Update: The Hangover in Abu Dhabi cinemas

Several friends went to see The Hangover this weekend and report that almost nothing has been cut out. It was completely raunchy, to the point that I heard of one guy who was sitting by a couple of Emirati girls and was afraid to laugh at the worst bits.

We were wondering if maybe the censors look for obvious scenes, such as the love scene in Quantum Solace that cut off abruptly as the camera pan hit the bed-post, or the gay kiss in I Love You Man, and miss some of the one-liners, or dirty dialogue.

It reminds me of how if I buy a woman's magazine here, all the cleavage will be blacked out on pictures, but the explicit "how to" articles remain.


Anonymous said...

They cut graphic scenes that go counter to our culture.

Not dialogue.

Also, this movie inst near "raunchy." Infact I wouldnt even rate it R. PG13 at most.

Spear The Almighty said...


We once saw a photography book. In it there was a girl standing nude in front of a mirror. They blacked her out from behind but forgot the reflection in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comment on my poetry blog even though it wasnt about my poetry.

Do you have proof that the picture is of you? and can you prove that the photographer owns the picture?

Just to be safe that I am not using your likeness, I have changed the pic a bit, please provide proof of what you stated. I can comment on here stating that I own the sun and 1/2 the moon, but that doesnt mean i actually do.

Ann Marie said...
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Masood Sharif said...

This comment is for A Blessing in Tragedy.

As a photographer it pains me that you are blatantly using someone elses photograph and when asked to remove it come up with silly comments like can you prove it is yours.

Look mate, if it is not yours, dont use it. Simple really isnt it? Also, no one has to prove to you that the photographer owns the picture. I repeat, if it is not yours and you did not take it, you have no right to use it, it si not yours.

I call it theft if you do use something which is not yours. How would you feel if someone took your car, changed the colour a bit and said, this is now mine?

Please stop using the picture, it is theft.

Anonymous said...
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