Monday, August 31, 2009

The vacation continues...

...and as my friend in Ottawa reminded me, "you are not a travelling doctor". Although it feels like it a little bit, save for the administering medicine part. Being home for a couple of weeks is a weird experience, because I am trying to see all the people who are important to me here and soak up a little bit of each one. But how much soaking can you do, really? And the part I can't stand is when people make plans for later this fall, plans I know I can't be part of. You can't have it all, I guess.

One thing about becoming an expat that I have found particularly strange is the sensation that I am not sure where I belong any more, or who I belong to.

Also, in the various conversations I have, I can't properly explain how weird and wonderful living in Abu Dhabi has been for me. The tone is never right: to my ears, I sound as though I am complaining or bragging, and neither is really my style. Plus, no amount of anecdotes could ever properly illustrate it for others anyway (although I guess this is the point of the whole blog, isn't it??)

So I hang out with people I like for a bit, remember what my life used to be like, and at the same time look forward to getting back to what it has become.

One more thing: although sunny and beautiful here, it is brrrrrrrr as well.


witsandnuts said...

I feel you. =) Been like that when I vacationed in the Philippines last year.

Rina said...

I think it's natural to have connection with a place you lived in and maybe liked too.

I went to Germany twice in the past few summers and I feel that I long to that place though I didn't stay for more than two weeks each time.

inmotion said...

you get over it eventually

one of the things i notice when i go back is that my speech within two hours of being back home just goes back to normal including accent, pronouciation, and finally that nasal quality only north americans have ..

i miss sounding like a valley girl here :(

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