Friday, July 10, 2009

When I go home later this summer, BOTH my birthday packages from May 2008 will be waiting for me

You may recall news arriving last month that my oldest friend had found a battered package on her doorstep - one she had sent me from Toronto to Abu Dhabi more than a year ago.

I've complained about this before: homesick, in a new land, knowing two awesome care/birthday packages were heading in my direction. I didn't actually stop looking for them until shortly before my birthday this year. Neither my brother or my friend stopped mentioning it. And the worst part - no more care packages. I couldn't explain why the packages never arrived. They were addressed correctly, and every day I see the office mail man roll his suitcase full of letters and boxes into the office.

Anyway, when my friend wrote an excited email to tell me that the package had arrived back, she ended with these words: "there is still hope your brother's package may still be returned to him." Lo and behold, I got a text from brother late last night, saying "just got the package back we tried to send you last year".

Wow. And weird. And what, exactly, happened to them? I shall probably never know.

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witsandnuts said...

That's really weird. I'm based in Abu Dhabi, too. My relatives and friends are sending me care packages so often. All reached me accordingly.

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