Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thanks for the heads-up WAM; without you I might have mistaken it for "balmy"

From the Emirates News Agency this afternoon:

Very Hot Weather ahead

2009-07-04 11:04:23

WAM Abu Dhabi, Jul 03rd, 2009 (WAM): The National Centre for Metrology and Seismology predicted hazy and hot-to very hot weather for Saturday. Towering clouds may appear over the eastern mountains by afternoon.
The winds will be light to moderate in general, freshening at times during afternoon causing blowing sand and dust over western and internal open land areas. This may reduce the horizontal visibility.
Relative humidity will increase during night with chances of fog over some coastal and interior areas.
South Easterly and later south westerly winds will be some where between 05 to 10 knots during morning, becoming NW-NE at a speed of 08 to 14 knots by afternoon and evening, reaching 18knots at times over the internal and open land regions.

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