Friday, July 3, 2009

Paris Hilton in a My Cozzie?

No, of course not. (That is a My Cozzie above, by the way) Ms Hilton has been in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (Wednesday night, Etoiles nightclub in Emirates Palace) to shoot the new season of her reality show, where she will try (again) to find a new best friend. Although how they'll stay best friends when she goes back to LA is anyone's guess.

Anyway, she has been wearing all sorts of ridiculous, gaudy outfits while she's here - bedazzled headbands and big bouffant hair dos and flowy gowns I gather she thinks are what women go out in. I have never seen anything like this in 14 months:

But then she did a photoshoot in a bikini with the Dubai skyline behind her and the international press went nuts. I have no idea why, it's perfectly fine to wear a bikini here - I just did it last week. Not on the street of course, but on the beach or a private beach club it's a-okay. I saw the My Cozzie, designed to provide modest coverage for the Muslim woman who wants to swim, the other day in a store. I have never seen anything this elaborate at the beach, although I did once see a woman swimming in her abaya. It did not look fun, although she seemed to be okay with it.

There is loads of stuff you have to be careful about when you come here, but I wouldn't say wearing a bathing suit would be one of them. In fact, I opened up my Facebook a couple of days ago to see a picture of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai, shirtless in the water. He'd posted some "beyond work" photos. They are there for all to see:


Why not said...

I still can't understand how everybody's interested on what this girl is doing, I mean what has she done? she has become famous for being the grandaughter of Hilton that made a porno tape! C'mon!

Mira said...

Pu├ža I totally agree with you. Who is this girl?

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