Sunday, November 30, 2008

Guest blog from Canada: Things are sort of &%$# up right now, aren't they?

I got this email today from one of my best friends back in Canada. He is hilarious, but like a lot of us, sort of can't wrap his head around things from time to time. He also explained to me that it was past his bedtime, he'd (quite dangerously) stopped thinking about work and was still suffering the effects of a breakdown in his VPN software, whatever that is. Still, he sort of sums things up, doesn't he?

You were the first person that I thought of when I heard about the nightmare in India.
If I thought that there was a safe place in this topsy turvy world, I'd tell you to go there right now.
But, accepting the reality, I guess the UAE is as good a place as any.
I really think that we are witnessing a horrible history, living in a time not so unlike WW1, 2, or the depression.
Melodramatic maybe, but I don't see it getter better anytime soon.
I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I am a believer in equilibrium and something feels globally off.
I feel as though I did not properly or fully appreciate the last decade as much as I should have.
I don't feel reassured by the leaders of our world.
Their words fall short of my ears. They have lost their power.
They have become salespeople to me.
All I hear is them pushing their wares; their repetitive rhetoric turning into a hypnotic rhythm that just becomes pressure on my eardrums.


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