Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's here! It's here! Read all about it!

I am holding a proper newspaper in my hands: The National. I am so proud to work for this paper, a thick broadsheet with a 30-page A section, a 20-page Arts and Life section, 20 pages of business and a 23-page sports section, done in a smaller, tab-size (but not style) manner. The layout is gorgeous and so are the photos.

Check it out at

And if I, who has been here working on this startup for a mere two weeks, am excited, I can just imagine how the people who've been building it for the past many months must feel. Something like this does not happen anymore, in our world, and I am very glad to be part of it.

There was a fancy launch party at the mind-boggling Emirates Palace hotel yesterday. I am a bit sick - most people are when they get here - and did not go. But yesterday I was giggling as I worked away: a British camera crew was there filming the process, and the reporter was walking behind me doing his standup. "It's a huge operation, with a huge workforce and a huge amount of money behind it. But at the end of the day, this newspaper's success depends on you."

Of course he was talking about the television viewers, but I kept imagining he was pointing at me as I sat there, editing just one story out of all those pages.

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Terri Saunders said...

I just read the online digital edition! It's such a beautiful-looking paper! And colour on every page? Nice! :-)

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