Sunday, April 20, 2008

Every fourth or fifth cab ride, the same conversation

It's like the cab driver is so afraid to stop in the right place, he stops in the wrong one. It goes like this:

Me: Can you let me off up there, on the right?

Driver: On the right?

Me: Yes, on the right.

Driver: Up here, on the right?

Me: Yes, up there.

Driver: Here?

Me: No, up there, to the right. (Pointing)

Driver: On the right?

Me: Yes, over there, on the right.

Driver: Here? (Putting on the brakes, possibly signalling, jerking the car) Here?

Me: Yes, here! Stop, please! Here!

Driver: The right?

Me: Yes, here, on the right! (Sighing, pleased the car has stop moving, and the "Right? Here? Right? Here?" business is over. For now.)

How to be a happy expat

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