Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Abu Dhabi has a parking crisis

And here is a look at it from my hotel window. This car is parked like this. Can you imagine?

Loads of people at the paper are getting their driver's licenses here, and talking about buying and/or leasing vehicles. The idea of driving here troubles me for a number of reasons.

First off, as you can see, there is rarely anywhere to park. In fact, while out and about, I have yet to notice an open parking spot. Secondly, people drive like maniacs, and near as I can tell, every street is a main thoroughfare. Third, I am dead afraid of getting into an accident.

I heard a funny story the other day. A couple of people went to get their licenses, and heard a woman in the line in front of them trying to get hers. She is married, but her husband isn't here yet. Well, he needs to be here, she was told. What's that, she said. He needs to be here to give his permission for you to get your license, was the answer.

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JP said...

Awesome. If you ever need a note from Canada giving you permission to do anything, let me know.

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