Thursday, February 6, 2014

Club Uno Dubai: Dining with strangers is actually pretty cool...

...check out my piece on the recent Peroni Privato dinner I attended at the fashion designer Nadine Kanso's house in Dubai.

Soon I am going to post pics of the gorgeous Ethical Muse organic jute totes and Bil Arabi scarves we left with - mine says "I love you in Arabic", in Arabic in gorgeous neon green stitching.

What I don't say: Every single person I met was so nice, and interesting, and creative, and warm, but when I mentioned that I lived in Abu Dhabi and was headed back there (in a Careem car!), they all expressed varying and increasingly hilarious expressions of shock, horror and pity. I can only compare it to the inevitable overly apologetic reaction I get every time a European assumes I am American.

Anyway, Abu Dhabi is pretty cool Dubai people! You need to check it out. And that dinner was totally awesome.

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