Sunday, June 16, 2013

I love my Dad: A Top 10 list for Father's Day

Obviously I can't be in Canada to celebrate Father's Day with my very awesome dad Larry. So I sent him this list. He's the best.

In 2009 on a desert safari. Because you have to. 

Top Ten reasons I love my Fasha, on Fasha's Day

1. He came to visit me in in Abu Dhabi and he calls me here every week, almost without fail.

2. He should win an international award for diligence when it comes to physiotherapy, recycling and maintaining his vehicle.

3. He is such a good Grandpa.

4. He loves a good debate about a variety of topics and argues intelligently, with charm and humour and without ego. It's a dying art. 

5. He reads important books and then tells me all about them, so I can absorb the high points and then pretend I've read them too.

6. In all my years as his daughter, I have never seen him wear a pair of blue jeans.

7. Can very quickly spot a fake and a phoney. 

8. He always has some great advice and/or perspective to give. My all time favourite - "Are you stealing from the company?" - has been offered patiently the many times early in my career that I worried about being fired. In my 30s, when I had the same worries, he added "are you running around with the boss?" I am not sure why. 

9. When his van was old, he bought the same van, in the same colour, and no one could tell he had a new car. 

10. Despite an irrational dislike for pets, he is kind, tender, thoughtful, not to mention very easygoing and entertaining to be around. And the reason James (my brother) & I see so much good in the world is because he does too. 

I love you Dad, wish I could be there with you today. Love Annie xoxoxoxo

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Kelly Taylor said...

I love this Anne! Great to see Larry! Amazing shot of you both. Xxoo

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