Saturday, March 2, 2013

Starbucks, connecting and Emiratis

Scene: A downtown Starbucks. A Canadian in Abu Dhabi has gone to get an early-morning White Americano (a racist-sounding drink if ever there was one). She waits for her order to be filled. To her left is a beautiful, young Emirati woman. To her right, at the drink station, a tall, handsome Emirati man. She notices that the woman is wearing a beautiful abaya, with gorgeous, ribbon-type appliques. Sensing a rare opportunity to satisfy her ongoing quest to connect with locals, she goes for it.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: I love your abaya, it's gorgeous.

Beautiful Emirati woman: Thank you.

The man, having received his drink, walks past A Canadian in Abu Dhabi. He stops for what feels like micro-seconds, mumbles something she cannot hear to the beautiful Emirati woman, and swiftly leaves the Starbucks. A Canadian in Abu Dhabi is overcome with curiosity and, having previously and gloriously established the scantest of connections, decides it must be satisfied.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi (hesitantly): Do you know him?

Beautiful Emirati woman, smiling: No.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: What did he say to you?

Beautiful Emirati woman, still smiling: He told me his phone number.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi, who clearly cannot believe what she's just heard: He just stopped and told you his phone number?

Beautiful Emirati woman, laughing a little bit (to the relief of A Canadian in Abu Dhabi, who is not nearly done with her questions): Yes

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: Do you remember it?

Beautiful Emirati woman, laughing now (which is still a relief): No!

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: Why didn't he write it down? How are you supposed to remember it? Did you want it?

Beautiful Emirati woman, killing herself at this point (thank goodness, as A Canadian in Abu Dhabi is really being quite rude): No I don't want it!

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: Are you mad?

Beautiful Emirati woman (still mellow): No. It's the way it goes here.

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi: Wow. Well, that is crazy! Thanks for answering my questions.

Beautiful Emirati woman, still smiling: Nice to meet you. 


Anonymous said...

This is quite common! There are a billion other ways guys try to flirt with ladies here. You will experience them all in good time. :P

Ann Marie said...

I know it is Anonymous but I've never seen it in action! Fascinating!!! I just think maybe he should have written his number on a napkin, then she would have time to think about it. Who can remember a number these days?


JP said...

Phone Numbers from Strangers: When you're bored of humility and want more ego in your partner.

Anonymous said...

Boring story, boring blog. My god, how long are you going to keep this up?

JJ said...

Good piece of journalism by a Canadian in AD!

Ann Marie said...

Dear grumpy Anonymous: I will keep writing as long as you keep reading! :) <3 xoxoxo

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