Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nick Kristof: I am glued to his every word

There are loads of people to follow as they report what is going on in the Middle East right now, but you have to pick a few or you won't get any work done. One of those Western journalists who seems to have a nuanced view of the situation is the New York Times' Nick Kristof. I enjoy his blog, which ended with this:

Finally, I just have to say: These Bahraini democracy activists are unbelievably courageous. I’ve been taken aback by their determination and bravery. They faced down tanks and soldiers, withstood beatings and bullets, and if they achieve democracy – boy, they deserve it.

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RiyadhRoad said...

Hmm, yes he provides perspective, BUT he has an obvious slant. At least he doesn't pretend to hide it. (he's a columnist for NYT, hence freer to express his opinions).

My main beef - he puts all the blame on the king, without mentioning a)the fractured nature of the regime, where is uncle, the prime minister, wields at least as much power and b) the pressure of the saudis (

To be clear, I think he did a great job. I also think whoever ordered and executed the orders to fire on peaceful crowds should be brought to court. But I also think that the dialog that is resuming now is the best hope for the country to NOT fall into a hopeless cycle of sectarian civil war. And I worry that propagating inflammatory rhetoric may not be the best way to go on...

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