Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jones the Grocer waiter fails to mention "occupied" means "Abu Dhabi Crown Prince is coming"

I went to meet a friend for brunch at Jones the Grocer earlier (I guess both of us woke up and thought 'I want to spend Dh120 on eggs and stuff today, that will be cool".) I arrived first and tried to take the best table, in a little patch of glorious February Abu Dhabi sun.

"Actually ma'am, it is occupied," said the water. He pointed to a tiny deuce beside a man who was smoking (and looked intent on doing nothing but smoking for the foreseeable future), but a weekend brunch table at Jones the Grocer is not to be scoffed at, so of course I took it.

Who should turn up? The Crown Prince himself, with a couple of other fellows. They shared a giant plate of salad and even larger plate of toast. Then, when they finished, they had the whole thing again. Yes, that's right, the whole thing again.

Sidenote: If you haven't tried the granny smith & ginger natural cordial with sparkling Voss, please, please do. Don't worry about the cost, if you are eating at Jones, clearly money is no object. New outlet opening next week in Khalidiya.

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RiyadhRoad said...

I'm impressed. would've thought closing the place down. Although I have to say in 4 years in the gulf, and given the bling, royalty and such have struck as fairly down to earth.
Although with Jones the Grocer prices, having the same dish twice IS showy
And seconded on the granny smith and ginger drink. Addictive.

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