Thursday, February 24, 2011

3 reasons to love Abu Dhabi this week

1) My friend has dedicated herself to a strict regime of morning meditation in an effort to calm her mind and help her days run more smoothly. On the first day she rose and began the process, only to be distracted by the sound of a neighbour's bleating goat outside her window.

"I tried to meditate and all I heard was maaa-aaa-aaa," she said.

2) Another friend was waiting for me to arrive at Oceans for ladies night when two stout women from India bellied up to the bar. They ordered: "Sex on the Beach. Warm." As they drank their ice-cubeless cocktails, they made a wall with their purses. Safely out of sight of the bar staff, they pulled out a tin foil package and proceeded to snack on some homemade onion bhajis. After one drink, they left.

3) A friend in the hospital was given some delicious, fanciful cakes by concerned co-workers, but he felt ill and just didn't have the stomach for them. Another co-worker took them and gave them to her taxi driver, who was incredibly grateful.

The driver thanked her profusely, saying he and his friends would enjoy them while they watched cricket later that night back at their accommodation. 

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