Tuesday, April 28, 2009

People forget, they forget this country is only 37 years old

It took the recent case of a nine-year-old girl who was horrifically abused by her parents to do it, but just this week the Ministry of Social Affairs released a draft copy of its first-ever Child Rights Act.

The law would create a foster care system, where children could be seized if found in "unlivable conditions".


rosh said...

Yes, it's just 37 years old! I keep telling everyone, do not be fooled by what's at the surface.

Graeme said...

Look I hate to bang on about this but the 'people forget we're a really young country' holds no water. The UAE is like it is not because it is a 'young country' but because of its founding standards.

Many nations have been founded on the ideals of liberty, democracy and equal rights. The UAE has not and will not rise to those standards for decades to come. It is an excuse and will remain so for decades to come.

Ann Marie said...

While I don't agree with tons and tons of stuff that goes on here, and there are a variety of culprits, I am from another culture and probably never will. However the UAE being a 'young country' does explain some of the issues and why the steps to address them have been so recent. Ie this year: a foster care system, a cancer registry, laws translated into English so people can understand them, a minimum wage etc etc.

And c'mon you love to bang on about this stuff ... who is kidding who :)

Graeme said...

True that.

Not so much the English translations but the BIG stuff. Like freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of association, an open judicial system. All this COULD have been enshrined in a founding document but the leaders not to do so.

And all the problems that the country has now stem from this - secret courts, authoritarian rule, members of the royal family torturing people with cattle prods, that kind of thing.

Hell if the UAE had an elected government answerable to the people I guarantee it'd have had the little stuff like cancer registries etc years ago.

But it ain't gonna happen, is it!

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