Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A random thing I feel the need to semi-publicly confess

...I bought my entire outfit – dress+cardigan – at The Gap after work last night.


Pam said...

Love the Gap!! I'm glad you're not being denied the pleasure, even though you're in the Middle East.

AM, I bought my first pair of Lululemon yoga pants last week. I'm not seeing much of a difference from my $15 Costco yoga pants...I'm expecting I will soon discover some kind of cool superpower that will come with the $100 yoga pants. :)

Ann Marie said...

Well, it's more about how they make your backside look than anything else, you know, the diminishing effect of those drop panels at the top. But so many people are ripping them off now there is just no need.

I have a 15 dollar pair from Joe that have worn better than any of the Lulu stuff.

I do like seeing it on people here though - it's like a Canadian semi-secret handshake.

Anyway, looks like you have headed any possible lulu habit off at the pass, and that's a good thing cause they are just WAYYY too expensive!

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