Thursday, April 23, 2009

A sense of humour and patience

A woman commented here awhile back asking if there was anything I thought she should bring to Abu Dhabi. I lost track of where, and didn't answer her personally, and I feel bad about it. But if I had I would have said just two things. Because you can get almost anything here you can at home, aside from Aveda hair products and proper vanilla and almond extract and a decent club sandwich, and Steam Whistle and eggs over easy, but I digress. If you can't laugh at stuff and you start to lose it, well, you will lose it. It's hard to understand people, it's very hot and well, things are just generally different all around.

It's happened to all of us (or at least I know it's happened to me and loads of my friends) and all of a sudden there you are, with a dumb red face, a ranting stereotype, a sorry excuse, the very worst kind of expatriate, yelling because things aren't like they are where you came from.

No one wants to be that person.


nzm said...

Vanilla and Almond extract have alcohol in them, and that's why they're not sold in the UAE.

I guess that if you did bring them in through the airport, those little bottles would count as part of your alcohol allowance!

You can make your own vanilla essence - soak vanilla pods in vodka.

Heather Jane said...

Good to know. Thank ya, Ma'am.

Ann Marie said...

Wow, of course that's why! My dad brought me over two of the most enormous bottles of the stuff.

Thanks for the tip by the way ... your extract sounds way better!

Graeme said...

Female: an umbrella for the sun.

Male: A hefty supply of reliable deodorant.

Both: $2000 in cash for the quick escape.

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