Sunday, April 5, 2009

Abu Dhabi to become world's first fully connected capital with new Internet service; frustrated Canadian still waiting for hers

This is the land the puts the cart before the horse, of course. And it's only been a month since I waited at Etisalat, signed up for internet and asked the fellow at the wicket: when will your men be by to hook it up?

"Tomorrow. Or Sunday," he said with a smile. "Inshallah."

Inshallah indeed. You can imagine my surprise when, still waiting - and sooooooo not the only one - I saw this announcement today:

Etisalat puts Abu Dhabi in the ELITE technology league - AUH to become the world's first fully FTTH connected capital with Etisalat's 'eLite'

Posted: 05-04-2009 , 06:29 GMT

Etisalat today announced that Abu Dhabi will become world's first fully connected capital with Etisalat's eLite - the advanced optical fibre communication network, based on the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology. Etisalat confirmed that it has reached the final stage of completion of this project, scheduled to be completed in the beginning of Q3 this year. With eLite connecting all the households in Abu Dhabi, the city will become world's first 100% FTTH connected capital. Etisalat is also in the process of connecting Dubai and Sharjah through eLite.
Etisalat’s eLite, the fibre to the home (FTTH) based network is considered to be the most advanced technology globally, for connecting homes. eLite will provide high speed broadband internet to the households, opening infinite new options for home entertainment such as high definition (HD) video service quality and clarity, video on demand (VoD) and Online Gaming. Moreover, eLite will also open up innovative business avenues like e-education and online health check-ups.

But there is hope. If I am reading this press release right, by the beginning of July, I will definitely have my wireless hooked up.


Sydney said...

I have my fingers crossed for you... but I wouldn't hold your breath. :(

Phillip Blanchard said...

"Good luck with that!"

Rose in Dubai said...

When a maintainence guy says "Sunday" you always have to ask him which Sunday, because he may mean the last Sunday in August and you'll spend between now and then being mad at him ;-)

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