Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Costa Coffee catches up with almond and coconut milk

I haven't had a cafe latte in years, as milk makes me feel gross and like my pants are two sizes two tight. I'm obviously not alone, according to the boom in non-dairy, and that's why I was so excited to see that Costa coffee is now not only offering almond milk, but coconut milk too. (Coconut milk makes a better latte, in my opinion). These types of milks are on the regular back in North America.

Unfortunately the first morning I ordered one I mistakenly took the wrong order and drank half of it before realizing - and it was hot milk! Only hot milk. What adult orders this in the morning? And why would I, coffee's greatest lover and non-drinker of cow's milk for years now, not realize that I was drinking milk and not coffee for so long? Because cow's milk is forbidden and delicious, and I think I didn't want to know, that's why. Anyway. Starbucks Middle East needs to wake up to this, as do the other chains, because this trend is definitely and finally landing here. I love getting non-dairy alternatives at Nolu's and Nectar (the amazing juice bar at BodyTree), two of my favorite places to get healthy snacks.

If anyone knows of any other places who are making the switch, please let me know!

PS: Did you know you can make your own almond milk easy-peasy by blending two tablespoons of almond butter with a cup and a half of water and a pinch of salt (vanilla if you are into it?) You cap and keep in the fridge, just give it a shake when you take it out. It's fine, it just separated. Not only is this cheaper – milk alternatives are crazy expensive at the expat-supermarkets where they are reliably found – but healthier. The boxed varieties have stabilizers and emulsifiers in them; not so natural. Now you know! Or drink milk. Or whatever you like to drink.

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