Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gutsy #CANADIAN Lysanne Richard wins the women's 3rd Fina Diving World Cup in Abu Dhabi

On Sunday the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the UAE Swimming Federation brought high diving to the capital for the first time.

I wish I could have been down at the Abu Dhabi International Marine and Sports Club to see it. Instead here are some pics we grabbed off Abu Dhabi Sports after Lysanne Richard, a 34-year-old who hails from Chicoutimi, Quebec, nailed her 20-metre jump to grab gold.

 “I’m really happy to have won,” she told Sport360. “It’s good to have come first but I know it wasn’t perfect and I still need to improve. However, it’s a great achievement for me."

Not that I follow high diving in the slightest, but Fina called Richard's a "surprising win", as well as the silver and bronze placements.

"And how many of these competitors had been on the podium last summer in Kazan? None. In fact, the best three in the capital of Tatarstan had modest performances in the United Arab Emirates."

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