Monday, April 11, 2016

Canadians of the UAE: Meet Nisreen Jardaneh

I am originally from Jordan but moved to Ottawa when I got married to my husband, Nawriz. He works in IT and has lived all over the US, but chose to settle in Canada after he fell in love with the country when visiting friends there. We studied and worked in the capital, Ottawa, from 2004, and I was able to pursue my first love of music there. Although I was already a business graduate, I went back to studying piano pedagogy at the University of Ottawa, completing my Masters. I am currently working on a PhD in music education via distance.
 Both our children - Hamza, 7, Yasmeen, 3, - were born in Ottawa, but we moved to the UAE in 2013 for an excellent job opportunity. I teach piano at Repton Abu Dhabi School. In Abu Dhabi I also conduct workshops, seminars, and do volunteer work on music for special needs. As a researcher, I am involved in helping in a fundraising campaign to raise money for research on music related health injuries at the piano lab of the University of Ottawa.

We enjoy Abu Dhabi with the beautiful multicultural environment, meeting new friends, the beautiful sea, and family activities. I loved Ottawa so much particularly the nature, downtown, the friends that I call family who I keep in touch with on a daily basis. We are quite eager to return to Ottawa one day soon.

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