Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So, A Canadian in Abu Dhabi has been pretty busy lately and here's why...

...and by the way, it's hard to keep a blog going for six years! But I really love doing it, and I haven't lost my sense of wonder at the UAE, so I am again vowing to step it up. There are a lot of faithful readers of this space and I am grateful to each and every one of you. It's also a pretty great record of my time here and a valuable research tool for the book I hope to finish one day.

One of the reasons I've been out of touch is that I've been focusing on building the web over The National's features section, which you can find here and here. We also now have four really cool blogs going strong, fed by a team of talented, funny, in-touch writers, and I suggest you check them all out for an inside scoop on all the best and coolest things happening in the UAE: Bites, Scene&Heard, All Dressed Up and The Art Blog.

I've been doing my part to fuel them too. If you want to check out my posts, here are some links:

•The one where I try Abu Dhabi's first CrossFit gym.

•The one where I spaz out about the UAE finally having a good place to get yoga clothes.

•And these three, where I obsess about Zuma Abu Dhabi's desserts, Namakin Lime Juice and a place to drink kopi luwak in Dubai.

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